Biotrickling filter

Biotrickling space-saving alternative

Space-saving biological odour treatment

Benefit from the advantages of the biofilter and of the counter current scrubber in one single system. Thanks to the high specific surface of the packing material and thanks to a controllable irrigation a demanding concentration of contaminants like H2S can be treated in a compact system.



  • Space-saving construction that can be built into height
  • No filter material exchange
  • Microorganisms settle at inert materials
  • Low running costs with high concentrations of contaminants
  • Easy to maintain user interface

Controllable milieu conditions

  • Regulation of water supply
  • Dosing of mineral nutriments
  • Automatic pH-control
  • Automatic desalination

Well-thought-out conception

  • Self-cleaning measuring probes
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low risk of clogging

Durable construction

  • Plant components made from corrosion and chemical resistant materials

30 years of experience

  • Active references of each size
  • Worldwide delivery, installation and service


Similar to the biofilter, the biotrickling filter is a biological odour control with the difference that the sorption of contaminants takes place in a trickling bed instead of a filter bed. This packing is in its construction similar to the one in a packing scrubber. The difference is that it is loaded with a much lower irrigation density.

The biological degradation takes place in the biofilm that grows on the packing and is kept humid through the irrigation. The irrigation has the task to nourish the biofilm with humidity and minerals.


Biotrickling filters are unbeatable in the purification of intense odour or low concentrated waste air. In this area we have more than 800 references. Furthermore, they are suitable for VOC containing waste air, where other procedures would be both economically and ecologically unprofitable.