Counter current scrubber

Efficient solution for little space

Counter current scrubber

Efficient solution for little space

Counter current scrubbers offer a competitive solution for "single substance problems". With our design we can ensure that contaminants will be removed efficiently from the waste air.



  • Little space requirements
  • Separation result > 99% with heavily loaded waste air
  • Little pressure drop because of heavy-duty packing material
  • Easy to maintain user interface
  • Dosing of chemicals as needed
  • Optimized energy consumption

Reliable and fully automated operation

  • Level switch in pump sump
  • Dry run protection
  • Control of nozzle pressure
  • Automatic, data controlled chemical dosing
  • Automatic desalination
  • Frost protection for outdoor installation

Well thought out design

  • Little pressure drop
  • Little risk of clogging through choice of right packing material
  • Plant made of corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant FRP

Big flexibility

  • Optimized for varying raw gas loads
  • No adjustment phase

30 years of experience

  • Active references of each size
  • Worldwide delivery, installation and service


The washing liquid flows from top to bottom through the scrubber packing into an embedded sump. The gases to be scrubbed are conducted from bottom to top through the filling material (counter current). The application of the counter current principle leads to the highest scrubbing rates for toxic gases and odours. This way more than 99 % of e.g. chlorine gas, ammonia and hydrochloric acid vapour can be removed.


Typical applications are the separation of organic and anorganic acids like (HCl, HF, SO2, NOx, acetic acid) as well as H2S, ammonia and water soluble, organic compounds (Acetone, Alkohols among others).