For each application the right solution


The odourless alternative

Let the microbes take care of the odorous waste air. The biological procedure processes complex organic compounds to harmless products such as CO2 and H2O.

Product details: Biofilter

Biotrickling filter

Space-saving biological odour control unit

Microbes that are immobilised on the inert packing material remove the waste air without expensive chemicals.

Product details: Biotrickling filter

Counter current scrubber

Efficient solution for limited space

Effective scrubber with packing material. The scrubber can be optimally adjusted to clean gas values by variation of packing material and dosage of chemical agents in the washing liquid.

Product details: Counter current scrubber

Crossflow scrubber

Compact and multifunctional

Versatile scrubbing technology with the possibility to run through various stages successively. The stages can optionally be driven as acidic, alkaline, oxidizing or biological washing.

Product details: Crossflow scrubber

Multiventuri scrubber

The solution for dusty emissions

Compact built and because of the venturi effect efficient running scrubber for dust removal. It is designed for the treatment of humid, dusty waste air and for waste air with sticky fine dust.

Product details: Multiventuri scrubber

Activated carbon filter

Precision cleaning for high demands

Cost-effective, compact and simple solution for high demands.

Product details: Activated carbon filter