Planning, Design, Support

Our service for you

We provide you with our service from the beginning of our collaboration. From the planning to your individual product to the support of your odour control unit, we will not leave you alone. Our support-team will advise you in all questions regarding the operation and maintenance of your odor control unit.


Planning and Design

We will use our technical expertise, highly efficient methods and state-of-the-art systems to find a solution for your specific waste air problems. Our services include preplanning, measurements, piloting, concepts and the final start-up of the plant. To provide our best service, we need from you:

  • a thorough description of the cleaning task
  • the exact clarification of the basic parameters
  • a description of the site conditions

According to your data, we will the prepare a competitive offer.


Experience produces experts

We will not leave you alone with your odour control unit. Our support-team takes care of you regarding all operation-related questions, provides for the neccessary wear and spare parts and takes over periodical inspection, maintenance of equipment and repair.

More questions?
Our service staff is happy to help:

Mr. Jan Olbert
Tel: +49 (0) 6204 92923 18

Superb support with our worldwide network

We are working around the globe with our support-team to provide you with solutions for your problems.

Our worldwide network

Our portfolio


  • Control of operational reliability
  • Assessment of the whole installation
  • Control of measurement equipment
  • Measurement of air flow rate, air temperature and pressure drop
  • Cleaning of scrubber, filling material and recirculation system
  • Maintenance of power units (Antriebe?)
  • Minor repair works
  • Setting of optimal operating point
  • Issue of maintenance protocol
  • Maintenance is state of the art according to latest VDI guidelines

Maintenance of installations from other manufacturers

  • possible after checks from our side

Your Advantages

  • Improved reliability of operation
  • Improved lifetime of your plant
  • Reduction of energy costs and maintenance resources
  • Prevention of problems with supervisory authorities and residents