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We offer both expertise and technical diversity in air pollution control and deodorization for the industry and municipalities. No matter if biofilter, biotrickling filter, scrubber or activated carbon filter, we provide you with cost-effective and highly productive solutions for your odour control problems.
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Individual design

Our concept:

Odour control plants are as good as their planning and design. Therefore, we focus on the detailed clarification of the task. We deliver not only a plant, but accompany you through the process with our consulting services.
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Access to professional support at all times

Our support-team takes care of you regarding all operation-related questions, provides for the neccessary wear and spare parts and takes over periodical inspection, maintenance of equipment and repair.
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Our company

We are on the market for more than 30 years. Thus, we are one of the leading suppliers of odour control plants for industrial and municipal applications.
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