Multiventuri scrubber

Multiventuri scrubber

Scrubber for the separation of aerosols

Multiventuri scrubbers are suitable for the separation of adhesive aerosols and for fine dust in humid waste air as these filtrating separations lead to adhesion, clogging and thus to irreversibel high filter resistance. In a wet separating process, the particles are washed out and thus cannot adhere.


Reliable and automatic operation

  • Automatic elutriation
  • Automatic washing of separated elements
  • Automatic discharge of the Ausschleusung der nicht absetzbaren ölhaltigen Stäube
  • Level switch in pump sump
  • Dry run protection
  • Control of the nozzle inlet pressure
  • Frost protection for outside installation


  • Suitable for hot waste air
  • Easy to maintain user interface
  • Big flexibility with unsteady raw gas load
  • Compact execution

Durable construction

  • Plant components made of corrosion and chemical resistant FRP

30 years of experience

  • Active references of each size
  • Worldwide delivery, installation and service


At the multiventuri principle, the waste air is guided through easy to clean separation elements to erhöhen the relative-velocity between gas and water phase. The elements to be separated are permanently sprayed with plenty of water to be able to hold back the dust freight and to avoid deposit/ fouling on the elements. The washed out contaminants are suspended in the washing water and thus locked out of the system. A droplet separator prevents the carry-over of washing liquid droplets into the following systems.